David Fast Bio

Short Biography on Miami Photographer

David Fast, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, remembers his first camera (given to him at age 7). He was immediately hooked, taking pictures of plants, birds, and people walking by. As a youngster he also recalls a fascination for antique cameras, as his great uncle was a collector. The uniqueness and history behind each camera truly fascinated him.

As a teen David Fast modeled for John Casablancas/Elite Agency’s Brazilian division and the exposure of being in front of the camera took things to a whole new level for him. Meeting new and exciting people in the fashion industry, he decided to move to the States and pursue his dream. Once in the United States he was lucky enough to work with and assist some of the most famous photographers from all over the world. Learning the technical side of the business from greats such as: Stéphane Kossmann, Ciro Zizzo, Matthias Vriens, and Vincent Knapp.

As a Miami Beach resident David Fast is constantly getting inspiration from his surroundings… from the famous the Art Deco Architecture, to the spice of the beautiful people and the nightlife, the bright colors and glamour of Art Basel, to the gorgeous white sandy beaches.

David Fast serves as the creative director, and main photographer for OceansDesignGroup.com, offering services such as: re-branding, graphic design, web design, and photography. Some of his accomplishments include covers and editorial spreads for French AD Collector, Home Magazine for Miami/Ft.Lauderdale/Los Angeles, Greek Woman Magazine, Greek Glow Magazine, Valley Social Magazine, and AC Luxury Magazine. David Fast has also worked with Fortune 500 Companies, Architecture Firms, Interior Designers, Advertising Agencies, Modeling Agencies, Real Estate Developers, as well as Leading Hotels and Restaurants. His high standards of elegance, creativity, and keen eye to detail make his images and his vision highly sought after.